Bespoke brokerage services for professional real estate investors

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Bespoke brokerage services for professional real estate investors

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We are commercial real estate brokers. We make a living from earning a fee in assisting investors buy or sell commercial real estate. If you are an investor who owns a portfolio of commercial real estate and have/want some property in Ottawa, Canada you are in the right place.

If not, this is a boring site about commercial real estate. Good luck finding what you really wanted to search.

Our offer: We navigate the road less traveled for professional CRE investors

Our promise: We make sure to look after you (the person) with this task or ambition or aspiration, as well as make sure the transaction gets done your way.

What we do: We provide bespoke brokerage services for professional real estate investors. Bespoke means we do a small number of custom assignments. We look to integrate with you and help you do it better and/or faster your way.

Brokerage means we are advisors to a transaction and not principals in a transaction.

Professional means that we deal with people whose livelihood is derived from owning and operating commercial real estate like office or industrial or retail. We are focused on the buy/sell part of real estate ownership, as opposed to leasing part of the business.

Where we play: We find there are times when doing the same old, same old or maintaining the status quo does not quite work anymore. Maybe you want to make a change, maybe the market is demanding you change, maybe there is a phase change in the market or the asset class that has you caught off-side, or maybe there is that liminal state that happens after events like Covid-19 or the Global Financial Crisis or the Tech Wreck.

We help out better with fear than greed.

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We provide insight for decisions concerning your property and your portfolio on a consulting basis.

market insights

These are presentations, articles and discussions we have created or shared concerning the investment market, and how we can help you understand it's influences and mutations.


We may not have many listings, but these are current opportunities available

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