We provide insight for decisions concerning your property and your portfolio on a consulting basis. While the majority of our practice is transaction services, we assist clients to buy and sell property. There are times where our insight as to value trends, occupancy market activity and risk/reward analysis may be advantageous in the hold period of any property.

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These phases of the investment cycle include:

  • The Acquire phase with the equity invested, the closing costs incurred and the implementation of the business plan to execute on the underwriting assumptions;
  • The Stabilize phase in which the property is absorbed into the property management and reporting systems and initial value add leasing activities are completed;
  • The Steady-State Operation phase in which the property runs as anticipated and experiences a gradual decline in relative appeal to potential tenants as common areas age and new supply is introduced as competition;
  • The Leasing Issue phase as leasehold improvements require replacement, tenant space occupancy becomes more dense and the common areas are now tired and faded all of which make tenant retention more difficult;
  • The Capital Expenses phase in which the property requires capital expenses to maintain its desirability to the target market tenants and as the building systems reach the end of their economic life; and,
  • The Re-invest or Dispose phase in which one determines the best use of capital with a revised risk/reward profile for the property within a matured submarket.

Even if you are not interested in transaction services at this time, we are happy to discuss any issues you may have.


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